What is flow7?

Here’s a rundown of what flow7 is and what it can do for your smarthome

A new way to control your home

flow7 is a series of wall-mounting touchscreens powered by Android. Our latest generation products are powered by Samsung panels and are available for either a 7 or 10.1-inch screen. flow7 can be purchased as either a frame kit for your device, or (more popular) as a complete solution pre-configured with a SmartLauncher and shortcut kit.

Cleverly simple.

The flow7 frame is made from solid aluminium which houses the panel and keeps it connected and powered so that you can access any of your media, home automation and IoT devices at any time.

An altogether intuitive interface

The big difference between flow7 and the application-specific touchscreens made by control system manufacturers is that flow7 is not locked to one system, and it can control anything that has an app. It can also send commands directly to devices without the need for an app. This is particularly useful for applications like lighting control, where instant on/off or scene selection is required.

Voice enabled

Because flow7 is natively Android, voice services like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can be enabled if you want them to, Alexa support includes the facility to call from room to room from your flow7.

Designed for Life

The quality and finish of the flow7 frame are designed to blend with your decor, finished in a beautifully anodised matt-black, with no screws or fixings on display. It can mount vertically or horizontally on your wall and has a strong magnetic retainer system that “snaps” the panel over a discrete backplate, which hides any wiring and overcomes decorating imperfections by floating the panel 0.5mm away from the wall.

Fits everywhere

Both the 7 and 10.1-inch versions wall-mount over a Single/Double UK wall box or a Double-J US Wall Box. There are multiple power and networking options including PoE and Mains, WiFi or Wired. flow7 can be set to be “always on” or to “sleep” after a period of inactivity. Either way, it is instantly available when you need it – no need to switch the panel on or wait for it to start.