flow7 + Savant Pro

A beautiful interface for your Savant Pro system.

flow7’s beautiful aesthetic design matches the Savant Pro interface perfectly. Install flow7 in portrait mode to match Savant Pro’s user interface, and launch Savant Pro any time from the smartlauncher, or leave it permanently in the foreground. Meanwhile all your other favourites are always available from flow7’s intuitive uncluttered interface.

What can Savant Pro do?


Savant Pro offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, entertainment, and security from a single, intuitive app.

Savant Pro delivers solutions for even the most unique homes, with controls for amenities such as pools, home theaters, and more.

When you’re entertaining outside, just tap your “Cocktail Hour” scene on flow7 to stream a playlist to the patio and fade up your pool lights as day turns to night.


Make Everyone Comfortable

Create profiles for your friends, babysitter, or even the housekeeper, and give them the access they need to enjoy Savant while in your home.


Savant Lighting

In your Savant Home, it’s never too bright and never too dark.

Savant Climate Control

It’s nice to live comfortably—and your Savant Home does the work so you don’t have to.

Savant Home Security

There’s no substitute for peace of mind. Savant lets you rest easy, because home is always within reach.

Savant Entertainment

Whether you’re dining with friends or spending time with family, Savant lets you entertain with a touch.


Savant Music

With whole-house distribution and lossless audio compatibility, Savant Music is ideal for both casual listeners and avid audiophiles.


For more information, visit the Savant website