flow7 + Loxone

A beautiful interface to your Loxone Smart Home.

flow7 is the perfect interface to your Loxone Smart Home. Install  flow7 in portrait mode to get the most from the Loxone interface, and launch Loxone any time from the smartlauncher or leave it permanently in the foreground. Meanwhile all your other favourites are always available from flow7’s intuitive uncluttered interface.

What is a Loxone Smart Home?


Loxone Smart Home takes care of tasks around your home automatically, freeing up your time for the more important things in life. It’s living as you’ve always known it, but better.

Loxone is a 360° smart home solution: from lighting and climate control to security, blinds, music and energy management, your whole home can be intelligently automated.

Whether you‘re building, renovating, extending, or just looking to improve your home, there are both wired and wireless solutions to choose from. flow7 is the perfect interface for Loxone to keep your home looking beautiful, with instant access to all your smarthome subsystems.

For more information visit the Loxone website