flow7 + Control4

The perfect match for your Control4 System.

flow7 is the perfect interface to your Control4 system. Install  flow7 in either portrait or landscape mode to suit your décor, and launch Control4 any time from the smartlauncher or leave it permanently in the foreground. Meanwhile all your other favourites are always available from flow7’s intuitive uncluttered interface.


Make your home the smartest on the block

Control4 works with over 10,000 consumer electronic devices from the world’s leading brands, so you can count on a system that can communicate and control virtually all of your favorite devices – especially the audio/video products that you already know, use, trust, and love.

Entertainment + Automation

Start with entertainment in any room, end with a fully-automated home. Add more control of your favourite room as you go with a few smart light switches, shade control, or a thermostat. And extend your automation to the rest of the house when you’re ready, with fully-integrated solutions that maximise your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind.


Smart Lighting

Make your lighting smarter and your entertainment easier. Dim the lights as soon as you hit Play, Or turn off the entire room, TV and lights included, when you’re ready to go to bed.

For more information visit the Control4 website.